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UltraSun Tanning Bed

Our new UltraSun lets you cool your body and never break a sweat. The premium air-conditioning system guarantees a fresh and exhilarating Recharge Yourself experience. Airco Cooled Acrylic has a surface suitable for people of various sizes. Thanks to the air-conditioning feature, cold air flows on the bottom side of the acrylic instantly cooling it and enhance the tanning result. The built-in BodyCooler system lets you set the airflow for optimal comfort. At the touch of a button, fresh air is blown out of the ventilators to cool your entire body. The BodyCooler creates the ideal climate for building up your Vitamin D and a glowing tan. Facial Lamps are designed to use reflectors to give your face optimal tanning exposure. If you prefer not to tan your face, you can switch these lamps off through the control panel. The Shoulder Tanner provides an extra bundle of UV light for the hard-to-reach shoulder area. This feature can easily be switched on or off with the IQ Touch Control.

  • BodyCooler
  • Facial Lamps
  • Shoulder Tanner
  • Bluetooth Music
  • Air Conditioning
  • Body shaped Acrylic for comfort
Why would someone choose this tanning bed?
This is our most powerful and advanced unit with electronically controlled ballasts to regulate the lamps and keep your tan even from start to finish. Consider rotating between bed positions (stand vs lay-down) to get the most even tan. Our Stand-Up beds eliminate any pressure points seen on the skin with 360 coverage!
What does a good tanning routine look like?
A tan should be acquired gradually, we suggest our clients start at low times and slowly increase their time. Ask one of our stylists what they recommend, or look on the bed itself for manufacturer recommended session times. It is also important to pair your session with a tanning lotion for a healthy looking tan.
Tanning bed image.
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Pricing for our Ultra tanning

See our packages and the extra goodies that come with some.

10 Sessions


package $100

Package of 10 sessions.

  • 10% off a bottle of tanning lotion
  • Up to 12 minutes per session
  • No expiration.

5 Sessions


package $55

Package of 5 sessions.

  • Up to 12 minutes per session
  • No expiration.

1 Session


A single session.

  • Up to 12 minutes per session
  • No expiration.

Prices subject to change without notice.